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Request timeout issues / Error Code



  • Bandrforever1792

    I have sent several messages over the past few weeks because my Ameelio app will not work. I can write letters, but they are never sent. I have also sent the error message. I have tried to send letters from several different WiFi locations in case my home WiFi was too slow. Do you ever respond to inquiries?

  • Christina

    I am tired. My email and password I paid $10.00 please restart password and email

  • Romee Kalaydzhieva

    I can’t get it in my accen i tried to reset my password many times. Im tired

  • Mary Baker

    When you contact them make sure you report to the correct option mail, video etc. Submit request from this page at the top in right hand corner

  • Sunshine LeeMae Cook

    This app is terrible. I can't login in most of the time and when I am able to get in I get 2 sentences into my letter and the app stops running.. our county jail will only accept mail through ameelio and its garbage!!
    Support isn't any help either. Every response I get is a robot and never solves my issue. Your idea for this app was a great one...but clearly nobody knows what they're doing!

  • Kayte Coleman

    This is crap and doesn't work. They do not respond to emails or messages about issues. I've asked several times for a refund. I don't see that ever happening. They won't fix the app. I think it's a scam to get your money. It's NOT free and no where on there does it have a place to send puzzles or lyrics. ALL lies to get your money. I hope yall end up behind bars. Let's see how many letters & post cards YOU get. Lmbo

  • Breezybebe26



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