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How do I download Ameelio Connect on an iPhone?



  • Michael Stewart Stoneking

    I really do not understand why in the world the State would allow a company like this to take over ALL the visitation services when they are NOT setup to schedule visits with a PC!!  They seem to think everyone just loves to do everything on their phones.  Gotta wonder if they ever even THOUGHT ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY that NOT EVERYONE wants to use a phone with a 3" screen to type in all the info they want when YOU COULD BE USING A PC WITH A 17" SCREEN and a real keyboard so you don't make 100 mistakes when having to use BIG FINGERS to type in all that info!  IF Amellio really wanted to be helpful they would have waited to try and take over AFTER they had made it EASY to use on ANY device!  I was already approved by the facility and had been making visits with no issues and now you are FORCED to start all over because they want to jump in be Mr. Helpful when they were not ready to have any device be compatible.  Thanks a lot!  All of the delays and NOT USEFUL support caused me to miss several in person visits and his birthday due to their lack of forethought!  Nice.  I have seen a number of older folks like myself at previous visits and have to wonder how many on them had issues trying to jump through all the damn hoops too!  IF nothing else the State should have made sure their little venture was user friendly and setup for use on all devices before they ever let them take over.

  • Matt v


    The original answer is from 7 months ago... You mean you haven't figured out how to make this work on a PC.... in 7 months!

    Sure does suck that I have to use my phone for this, seeing as how I just dropped it the other day. And of course the screen cracked right over the front facing camera, so the image doesn't really work.

    Maybe if I had a spare $700 to buy another phone by tomorrow.... maybe that would work.

      - I guess my video call is turning into a phone call now.

    Yay.... 😒

  • Michael Stewart Stoneking

    Matt V, 

    It only took me a month to figure out AFTER I had several message exchanges with one of their volunteer reps.  Would not have been so bad if they did not have the instructions on how to download the app for your pc and then leave you wondering why it would not work and I kept telling him that I was trying to make it work on my PC and NOT on my phone but all he ever did was keep sending instructions on how to make it work on your phone.  It has been ANOTHER month now since I finally got my "application" in to visit my son.  Still NOTHING!  When I first went through the DOC to get my visits approved it only took a week or so and now it has been over a month to get approved a 2nd time!  For crying out loud I've worked for TSA  for almost 8 years and a sheriffs dept before that.  TSA has about the most detailed background checks around and now this joke of an outfit can't or more likely WON'T get me processed through.  Probably because I hurt someone's little feelings about how bad their NEW and BETTER system is!  They must be in over their head and not able or willing to fulfill their duty.  Still no idea why in the world they would try to rush something like this through without having it available on all platforms that people would use!  Not everyone out there uses their phones in place of a home computer!  Have to fault the DOC too though for lack of oversight since they seem so concerned about rating how your in person visit went.  They send out an email asking you how you rate your experience so hard to figure out why they would not have had more oversight before turning the visits over to what must be a small group of volunteers who are in over their heads!


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